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Who needs My Talents

For Teachers

My Talents helps teachers to structure a student-centred approach; linking education with employment and using inquiry to guide authentic learning. It shows teachers how to foster student curiosity through profiling talents; identifying areas for further development; exploring job options; questioning and critical thinking; and developing job-finding strategies.

→ Career teaching just got interesting!
You’ll have a series of lesson plans and superbly designed PowerPoint slides to inspire and challenge your students. Students can record their thoughts, answer to key questions and career planning guides in the downloadable (or PDF writeable) student booklet. It’s a highly practical guide to help students plan their future.

For Students

Don’t know what to do after school? My Talents helps uncover your interests, skills and careers that you’ll love.

→ Want to explore over 850 different job options? Let My Talents show you what’s possible for the future, and more importantly, how to get the career you want!
→ Career planning just got interesting. My Talents is a fun quiz that tells you what you’re awesome at, jobs that match and a personal learning plan to help you get there. It’s a practical guide to your future. It’s the end of career confusion.

For Parents

My Talents helps your kids answer the most daunting question of all: what do you want to be when you grow up?
Join the dots between schooling and employment. Inspire career curiosity.

With 25 fun questions, My Talents helps you plan, with your kids, to harness their talents and gain direction, motivation, and career clarity so they can thrive in a world of endless opportunity. You can use the system at home, on mobile devices, or anywhere with internet connectivity.

The landscape of employment is changing rapidly. There is a shortage or workers in some roles and a massive over-supply in others. Hand your kids a roadmap.
Give your kids context. Talent + Education + Planning = one exciting future.

My Talents is a new way to help kids plan ahead while making the most of the present.

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