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My Talents provides an engaging and effective profiling system to identify your personal attributes and help you to plan your future.

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My Talents was developed to help you:

  • Identify personal attributes according to preferences for using your hands (practical), your intellect (conceptual), your critical thinking and your creative thinking skills; and
  • Identify industries that you are interested in working within; and
  • Overlay your personal attributes data with your personal industry interests in order to assist you in building individual learning plans targeted towards employment

Knowing your personal attributes can help you with choices of subjects to study, and planning or changing careers. There are no right or wrong attribute preferences. The seemingly random variation in human behaviour is not really random at all. It is consistent with known and well-documented patterns. However, while all preferences are important and unique, each has different strengths and challenges.

My talents helps you to develop a basic understanding of the way in which individuals prefer to use their talents and interests. By answering carefully worded questions, My Talents enables you to identify and describe multiple Attribute types that result from interactions among the preferences.

Your 'snap-shot' in time profiles give you insights into personal strengths and areas for development.

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